• “Many contractors already offer spray foam as a building and remodeling solution for energy efficiency, structural support and overall home comfort. But what some may not know is that spray foam insulation can double as both insulation and a sound barrier for noise control. Homeowners want the most for their money, and offering spray foam insulation as a sound deadening measure provides a great value to offer as a multi-solution product.

    Oftentimes, traditional sound barriers require an extra step in the construction process, resulting in a "nice-to-have," but not "necessary" feature. Choosing to use spray foam instead of applying vinyl sound barrier products to walls or ceilings after insulation has been applied, allows contractors to tackle both in one simple application process. This can help save time for contractors and money for homeowners, while increasing the home's overall comfort…”

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    Sound Deadening with Spray Foam
    Walls & Ceilings
    By: Sandra Gump
    April 1, 2014


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