• Recently a customer contacted us and thanked us for writing this article on construction techniques in noise control. I wrote this a few years back for the Noise-Con 2007 show in Reno, NV. It is still a valid resource that can be very helpful to you today. We thought we would post this since 2007 was before we ever started our social networking connections.


    “Proper installation of all system components by building con- tractors is the key to meeting in-field acoustical ratings of floor/ ceiling constructions. The use of innovative resilient channel/ gypsum board mounting clips and spacers assures that in-field impact isolation class and noise isolation class performance will closely match laboratory ratings, minimize installation problems and allow for inspection.” To read more, click below to view PDF file.


    Construction Techniques for Effective Floor/Ceiling Noise Control

    Noise-Con 2007 and Sound and Vibration

    By: James R. Keene

    Keene Building Products

    2007, 2008


    For full article in PDF, please click below!



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