• Quiet Qurl® Reinforcement RWT 040 MC N is a 0.375-inch (9-mm), random-filament, geometric patterned core crack suppression mat used to reinforce gypsum concrete and many types of concrete in thin applications.

    The 3/8” (9-mm) thickness is perfect to provide the added strength needed in the assembly when the gypsum concrete is less than traditional depth.


    The monofilament helps cracks remain in place so that a tile, marble, stone or vinyl surface can be successfully applied. Quiet Qurl® is a Class A fire-rated product.

    Benefits and Applications:

    • Monofilaments help tie any cracks together
    • Performance in wood frame construction and concrete structures
    • Minimal deflection and no creep or long term degradation
    • Provides a thin profile for tight construction assemblies
    • Multi-family construction:  apartments and condominiums
    • With hard surfaces: concrete, stone, tile and vinyl
    • With topping layers, such as gypsum concretes, concrete, lightweight concrete and mortar beds
    • Lightweight and easy to handle
    • With thin toppings under the traditional 1.5” thickness


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