• The Secret to a Cylent Solution

    From being a manufacturer of products and transitioning to a “manufacturer of solutions,” KEENE Building Products strives to be the solution to many of the long-standing construction related issues. Noise intrusion is much more than that however, it is a question of Health and Wellness. KEENE's Cylent Assurance product was specifically designed to target these two issues with one simple solution.

    Cylent Assurance is a patented acoustical clip that was 100% designed, engineered, and tested by KEENE Building Products. KEENE Building Products is an American Manufacturer of various building products for use in residential and commercial projects across North America.

    In construction acoustics is often overlooked, not due to its importance to the inhabitants of the building but more so due to cost of the products need to provide a quiet work or living space. Cylent Assurance Clips solve that issue by significantly lowering the installed cost of acoustically comparable systems without sacrificing performance. In fact, testing consistently shows that Cylent Assurance outperforms the more costly solutions that are currently on the market.  The secret to its performance comes from first understanding the root causes for issues that occur in the field, then designing a product that solves those issues with Simple Repeatable Performance.

    Simple. Cylent Assurance was designed as an acoustical clip that can fit just about ANY resilient channel in the market. Rather than design around a proprietary system, KEENE opted for a universal solution that would need little modification from what builders are already very accustomed to use in their typical ceiling and wall details.


    Repeatable. When designing the Cylent Assurance the understanding that consistent performance is crucial for the end user to get the full effect of the products inclusion. Understanding how things can go wrong currently, redundancy was a central aspect of the design thinking from the very first sketch. KEENE’s Cylent Assurance is designed so that experts and novices alike can easily understand the product and install it correctly. Even more importantly it is engineered in a way so that performance is still maintained even when they are not.


    Performance. Cylent Assurance is the consistently been proved to be one of the high performing acoustical clips in the market. When combined with KEENE’s Quiet Qurl Sound Mats and GSL Gypsum Concrete Toppings, a full system is realized that provides the comfort and privacy that today’s building occupants require and deserve.


    For recent literature and test results see the Ceiling Acoustics section in our Acoustic Product Guide.

    For more information about the Cylent Assurance Clip visit: http://www.keenebuilding.com/products/noise-control/multi-family-residential-products/cylent-assurance-clip

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