• I came across this article on a new app that helps teachers control noise in their classrooms. The idea behind this app is that the device (iphone, ipad, ipod) is used as a microphone to catch background noise and rewards students if they stay quiet for a period of time. The app is called Silent Light and cost $3.99. There is also a comparable app called Noise Alert.

    Learn more about this new Silent Light app here

    So it made me wonder, what other apps are out there on noise and controlling sound. I found a lot that have to do with white noise machines and relaxing sounds for bettering your health.

    Here are some interesting ones that focus more on noise and measuring noise:

    • TYNoisePredication

    This app helps you predict and analyze outdoor noise levels such as traffic. This price tag is a lot higher than most apps, but I would imagine this is for more serious clients who are involved in research or environmental development. Looks like a very interesting tool though.

    • NoiseCalculator

    This app helps with standard noise calculations such as dB(a) (decibel a filter is used for the human ear) and other noise levels. This app helps the acoustic design industry plug in measurements and calculations for railways, roads, industry and basic noise. For a $1.99, it maybe a good buy.

    Sounds good, doesn’t it?