• “Installers know that while consumers and commercial clients are always looking for style and durability in their flooring, the real stars of the show are the unsung and often unnoticed materials –adhesives and underlayments. Without these essential ingredients, a flooring installation simply will not be complete, whether in a commercial or residential setting.

    FCI spoke with a wide range of manufacturers to learn about the latest tools and techniques for working with these important installation materials. The biggest tip centered on the trowel. Once the trowel has worn down, it is essential to get out a new, replacement trowel. Also, use the appropriate trowel as specified in the technical data sheet. Using the wrong trowel will almost always guarantee an installation failure…” To read more, click below!


    Learn more about Keene’s QQ Step Soft rubber flooring underlayment.


    Tool Time: Adhesives and Underlayments

    By: Michael Chmielecki

    Floor Covering Installer

    July 11, 2012


    For full article, please click here: http://www.fcimag.com/Articles/Tool_Time/BNP_GUID_9-5-2006_A_10000000000001192836

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