• Do You Need Sound Tests?


    There has been some talk in the flooring industry about requiring less testing. Some manufacturers have made the case for less testing of floor ceiling assemblies, implying that the present level of testing is adequate for the application.


    Having invested in over 500 tests, we beg to differ.


    There are few code requirements that are as stringent as the noise standards. For instance, the requirement for insulation in most local codes simply describes the level of product performance of an insulation material. The wall assembly insulation value doesn’t need to be tested, simply the product. Overall assembly performance is assumed.  In noise, the system performance is what counts. That puts the burden in line with the level of complaints from older multi-family projects. Noise is the most significant complaint in multi-family. The next nuance to noise is the dual requirement of building to a laboratory-tested assembly and performing when the assembly is completed. Other than a flood testing a waterproof assembly this aspect of the code is more difficult than any in the construction industry.


    Developers and architects have the option of building an assembly on the “if come” meaning without a laboratory test. The risk of missing in the field is so great the logic of this approach must be questioned. In today’s markets it is highly unusual to build without a laboratory test.


    Some level of interpolation is allowed for assemblies. For instance, adding insulation or an extra layer of drywall on the ceiling can be concluded. Bare gypsum results are typically conclusive to allow any finished surface. KEENE has tested the subtle difference between many of these typical field modifications and can provide some important information on an assembly with minor differences such as screw spacing, gypsum concrete thickness and channel brand.


    Our product line starts with four core thicknesses from 0.125” to 0.80”.  We create the thinnest product for code compliance and the thickest for luxury performance. We add alternatives in our MT fabric that provides a muffling technology only available from KEENE. Our patented product is the only way to make 0.25” sound mat perform like 0.75” sound mat.  We have other fabric enhancements that reinforce gypsum concrete and control moisture migration in RF and MC brand designations. Some of the best innovations in the sound mat industry are a reflection of the dedication we have to making this application an easy solution for developers.


    So in the future when thinking about whether a sound tests is important, consider the alternative. The real solution is test and build. Otherwise it might be build, test and fix.  That fix can be very costly.


    Sounds good, doesn’t It?


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