• Options are part of every decision we make. The more options available, the better level of customization in our results. Customization breeds efficiency and this holds true when you’re purchasing a car, picking a vacation package, or designing a building.


    KEENE works on floor/ceiling assemblies in multifamily projects. There are many different options you will need to choose from to make sure your system preforms optimally and to code requirements. These decisions range from the joist type all the way to the finish floor’s color. With all these decisions to be made, why NOT consider the most options possible?


    KEENE Building Products’ Quiet Qurl excels in providing a vast array of options so that not only can you reach your desired level of noise control, but it can be accomplished at your desired system thickness. By introducing KEENE’s Muffling Technology (MT) and Reinforced Fiberglass (RF) product options, Quiet Qurl has been reimagined to fit in the system you have designed rather than dictate which system you have to use.


    Providing options is essential to KEENE. Quiet Qurl is listed in more UL rated floor/ceiling assemblies (81) than any other entangled net product. The two closest comparable branded products are listed in 57 and 7 different UL assemblies. Quiet Qurl has 16 versions to fit your building needs; the next closest branded option has 4. Quiet Qurl has options to control noise that can be installed before a layer of gypsum concrete is poured as well as topically added options that can be applied after.


    KEENE Building Products has been the leader in providing innovative noise control products for over a decade. In doing so, Quiet Qurl has been designed to exceed your expectations for how a sound mat can perform all while keeping your project on budget. We changed the question of what do we HAVE to use, to what do you WANT?


    Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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