• Take a Glimpse into Grumbling Guests Project Profile

    This week we are diving deeper into our recent project profile on “How to Prevent Grumbling Guests.” After interviewing our sales representative that was assigned to the project here is what we learned!  


    What were some of the sounds the owners/developers want to avoid? What product was used?  

    One of the biggest noise complaints in multifamily is impact-noise, espcially from neighbors and outside noise.The owner of the hotel, contractor, and developer all wanted to find a system to minimize noise and improve the sound ratings between units. 


    What product was used?   

    Luckily, their architect happened to specifyKeene’s Cylent Assurance Clip for the job.   Their team had heard about Keene for other products such as rainscreen, other building envelope and Keene’s Quiet Qurl sound mat materials but not ourCylent Assuance Clip. They had never used Keene’s products in other projects prior to this installation. 



    Connor & Gaskins Unlimited (CGU) oversaw the installation Keene'sCylent Assurance Clip for the project. They loved the ease of installation. “This system is a clean system and is very straight forward.” The Cylent Assurance Clip performed and met the expectations of all involved.  Providing a better product for the owner and guests. One of the designers stayed in the hotel overnight, and he stated that the reduction of noise was significant especially outside noise when he could not hear the nearby train passing by. He decided to stay in the hotel to ensure firsthand that the system was working, since the noise was a big concern.    


    Cylent Assurance Clip is specifically engineered to work with any type of RC channel. It has been engineered to significantly reduce low frequency noise transfer in ceiling/wall assemblies used in modern multi-family construction. 


    How did you find out about this project?  

     "I received a phone call about questions of installing ourCylent Assurance Clip.  I sent them our installation guides then followed up to make sure everything with the install went okay. Since they had quality installers, they had the workforce to get the job done. They loved the ease of installation. 'This system is a clean system and is very straight forward.' The Cylent Assurance Clip performed and met the expectations of all involved.  Providing, a better product for the owner and guest."  



    Did you talk to anyone from Connor & Gaskins? What did they say?


    Yes, Connor & Gaskins responded saying "the Cylent Assurance Clip was easy to install, had straight forward instructions, and we had great support from our distributor and Keene." They even mentioned that they will use our products or consider them going forward on future projects.  


    What Differences Stood out to you Regarding this Project? 

    They had a quality installer, developer, contractor. They did not cut any corners.  This project was built and designed with quality construction components in mind.


    Visit the project profile here for more information about the project: http://www.keenebuilding.com/project-profiles/documents/how-to-prevent-grumbling-guests-marathon-key-fl.