• “Celebrate modern home design all you want, but please keep your voice down.

    All those contemporary home touches we love have left our homes stylish . . . but loud.

    Open layouts. Wood and tile floors instead of carpet. Granite countertops in place of laminate. Tile backsplashes. Bare windows or blinds instead of drapes. Walls of glass. Cathedral ceilings and two-story great rooms. Spare leather furniture instead of heavy upholstered pieces.

    Throw in home theaters and noise-producing electronics, and our homes have become domestic boomboxes.

    Homeowners can take several steps to lower the volume, but, first, the bad news: Experts unanimously agree that the best time to soften sound in a home is before the home is finished..” Read more by clicking on the link below!


    Is the noise level in your home too high? Experts offer some ways to defeat the din

    The Columbus Dispatch

    By: Jim Weiker

    January 22, 2012




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