• “TWO years ago, when David and Kathleen Conte moved to New York, they were relatively unfamiliar with it. Mr. Conte is from the Boston suburbs, and Ms. Conte is a native of Berlin, Germany.

    The couple met through friends when Ms. Conte was a student doing a banking internship in Boston. After a trans-Atlantic courtship, Mr. Conte moved to Frankfurt, where he taught English and worked as a proofreader. A few years later, Ms. Conte was able to transfer to her company’s office in the United States.

    At $2,250 a month, their spacious one-bedroom rental, in the 70s near Second Avenue, was the best deal they found. They received little sunlight, but the building was well maintained and the couple enjoyed the neighborhood.

    The apartment, though, was near the elevator shaft. Ms. Conte became accustomed to the whoosh, while “Dave never got used to it, but he made good efforts,” she said. It was the vibration that especially bothered him, he said.” Read more by clicking on the link below!


    Life Without Earplugs

    The New York Times

    By: Joyce Cohen

    December 8, 2011




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