• In noise control assembly tests are the norm.  Specifications reference them; data sheets list IIC and STC numbers.  Performance runs the gambit from stellar when presented by a manufacturer trying to get a specification to poor when tested by a developer selling a Los Angeles Condo for $1,000,000.  How does that dichotomy occur?  Does the manufacture pull the one test that showed grand results?  Do field tests represent reality?  Does a laboratory test relate to field performance?

    KEENE proposes the statistical analysis of field and laboratory performance as the solution.  Obviously one test can be an aberration.  Obviously the BEST results won’t be the norm.  With 50 tests though a statistical expectation can be drawn.

    To support the introduction of QUIET QURL 60/040 MC MT, KEENE employed Veneklasen Associates in Santa Monica California.  We broke a specification for the industry original ENKASONIC® and installed QUIET QURL 60/040 MC MT on a project where the owner wasn’t satisfied with ENKASONIC®.  Then we tested the results.  We tested 47 times!!!!  We tested different finishes.  We tested with and without mat.  We tested different areas of different units and we developed a performance expectation range.  We charted the results and created a scatter gram and average.

    We compared the results to the laboratory tests.  We were very satisfied with the performance.

    Forever, we had field performance that was a crapshoot due to poor detailing and installation.  We developed the muffling technology in QUEIT QURL MT to change that.  Now we aren’t shooting for code we are shooting for luxury.  QUIET QURL 60/040 MC MT has luxury in a 0.40” profile.  Look at the chart of performance below and consider the advantages of working with the industry leader and innovator.  KEENE “MT” is available on QUIET QURL 55/025 MC, QUIET QURL 60/040 and QUIET QURL 65/075 products.

    Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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