• After reading this article, some of the products sound like good options for noise control, but there are other options that help the resilient channels pass with STC levels in the 50’s. Developers should consider using Keene’s RC Assurance clips with resilient channels. It assures that the resilient channels are installed properly. They are simple to install and they are cost effective. Check out more info here!


    Other products that can help improve noise in multi-family homes is underlayments from Keene’s Quiet Qurl® Line.


    Quiet Qurl® products have been installed in every part of North America. This innovative PRODUCT LINE offers solutions in different thicknesses for code-driven performance needs. Quiet Qurl® systems are available from 0.25” to 0.75” with options, including:


    • moisture control fabric top (MC)
    • a new reinforced fiberglass separation layer for thin pours (RF)
    • a new muffling technology enhancement, MT option for high performance in a quarter inch


    All are designed for use with underlayments such as gypsum concrete and lightweight concrete.


    Improving Noise Control in Multi-Family Homes: A Case Study

    By: George Geller


    February 12, 2011


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