• Taking the Shortcut

    We’ve all been there, whether it’s running late to work, trying to get out in front of the afternoon rush, or even replacing a few words in a text message with an emoji just to save some time. Taking shortcuts is part of our everyday life. We strive for efficiency and speed, sometimes just racing the clock when we can’t find an actual opponent. “Get in, Get it done, and Get out” is more or less the catchphrase for every type of task most of us will encounter in our day.

    Construction can relate to this shortcut culture—maybe more than any other trade. With jobs, timing and collectively billions of dollars on the line, speed is key. So, why wouldn’t we take a short cut at every available opportunity? The advantages of a short cut are sometimes too much temptation to ignore. Unfortunately, the repercussions of them often set us back further than it would to just stay on the specified path. Unintended outcomes and unpredictability are the two most likely outcomes of shortcuts, and also some of the most damaging results in construction. Look no further to noise control systems for a real life view of how short cuts can lead us down the wrong path.


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    Taking the Shortcut



    Walls & Ceilings 

    Taking the Shortcut

    By: Dan Gibson, Director of Noise Control