• Designing for your Audience | A, B, & Luxury

    Often the question arises as to what floor ceiling assembly design should be recommended in terms of the best way to control sound. As you can guess, that question is answered with a great deal of variables.

    First off, is sound control an amenity?  The simple answer to that is “Yes”, as found by a 2014 study done by J Turner Research for Multifamily Executive Magazine.

    Ranking how important quietness is amongst the different generations shows it is important to all. However, it may surprising is it is even more important for the older generations.

    Design Thinking

    When considering how much sound to attenuate, it is most important to factor in mind: Budget & Target Audience.


    B-Rated Market Design

    If you are designing for a government assisted program or B-rated market rental units, you will likely design with a stricter budget in mind, so making sure you attenuate enough sound through the assembly is important.  Using a minimum thickness 1/8” sound mat like Keene Building Product’s

    Quiet Qurl®013 with a minimum three-quarter inch Gypsum like Dependable’s GSL® K2.6 Gypsum Concrete will get you well past code minimum and be an affordable system with good sound results.

    A-Rated Market Design

    If you are designing for a developer, who will hold onto the units long-term or A rated market rate units, the design should be a better system to minimize complaints.  So, going to a thicker sound mat, say Quiet Qurl 025 MT (Muffling Technology), and will give you a much better system, with much better sound results, STC’s in the high 50’s to low 60’s, and IIC’s in the mid to high 50’s, depending upon the floor covering.

    Luxury Market Design

    If on the other hand, if units are going to sell as higher-end condominiums that are a home purchase, then you will need to have a system that will meet much higher expectations.  This is where we talk about the “luxury living” category, which would require STC’s and IIC’s in the low to mid 60’s.  These results are much harder and more costly to attain.  However, the use of Keene Building Product’s Cylent Assurance™ Clip will economically achieve those low to mid-range STC and IIC 60 ratings and is the perfect solution for a system to meet luxury living requirements.

    So, before you design or build for noise control, make sure you know who your audience is and consult with a Keene Building Products representative!

    Contact Keene for more information and start using designing for your audience today!