• The Shoreway
    Cleveland, OH
    Quiet Qurl 60/040 MC MT


    A place near and dear to our hearts at Keene Building Products is having resurgence. This place happens to be where KEENE was founded and operates, Cleveland Ohio. With the rush of development including office space, shopping, restaurants, and stadium improvements developers have been rushing to acquire and build new living spaces to accommodate the now thriving local economy. From new construction downtown, apartment developments in the suburbs, and renovating older spaces into apartments developers are leaving no stone unturned to make sure they can meet the current overwhelming demand for housing. One building, a project named The Shoreway, is looking to take full advantage of this recent trend.

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    The Shoreway loft project is a historical renovation of a four-story building once owned by The Globe Machine and Stamping Company where it manufactured automotive grills starting in the 1900’s. This facility was built in 1918. The building sat empty for over a decade before investors applied for and received $2.8 million dollars in Historic Tax Credit Renovation grants to breath new life into a once bustling property. The designers and contractors working on this project took it upon themselves to modernize the building to today’s standards of luxury living while not compromising the history that an almost 100-year-old building contains. They did this by taking advantage of some of the building’s unique quirks, as well as providing all the amenities that any new project might have.


    Now fully renovated, the Shoreway boasts some of the unique characteristics that today’s renter desires in a community. Located right across a roadway from Lake Erie the building has a built-in tunnel leading directly to a near-by beach. If renters have a fear of sand the roof top deck allows for an alternative to enjoy the sun and water views. If dinning and cocktails are more interesting a four-star eatery called “Battery Park Wine Bar” is directly across the street for a nice glass of vino.

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    Location; check! Amenities; check! Providing a comfortable living space for the future tenants? Check! This is because to combat the issue of floor noise transfer between the units, the contractors choose a product from KEENE Building Product’s: Quiet Qurl 60/040 MC MT. The entangled net sound mat helps control the impact noise issues. With historical renovations a builder is limited in their options for acoustical products they can use. By reconfiguring a “Historical” property the builder cannot fundamentally change the look of the building, which includes not covering up the exposed ceilings.


    In floor-ceiling acoustics the ceiling (and products hidden behind it) provide a big boost to the amount of impact noise can pass through. Without one, a project is vulnerable to the troubling footfall noise that is a big concern in multifamily construction. Quiet Qurl 60/040 MC MT has been used by many of the larger developers as a premium product and was the clear choice for this project because it can be “hidden” underneath a concrete flooring pour. Quiet Qurl 60/040 MC MT is a 3/8” entangled net sound mat equipped with Keene Building Product’s patented Muffling Technology on the bottom side. The Muffling Technology acts as a baffler in the airspace created by the Quiet Qurl, further limiting the ability for vibrations to pass from the floor to the ceiling below.


    Now leasing, The Shoreway has all the attracting features a prospective tenant could want and more!

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