• “Across the U.S., about three out of every 10 families rents their home. In dense metropolitan areas, such as New York or Chicago, the percentage of renters may be higher. Aside from the desire to live in a highly sought-after neighborhood, more Americans are opting to rent for a broader range of reasons.

    One that is frequently cited is the flexibility renting affords families. "Apartments offer the renter more flexibility and mobility than if they had purchased a home," explains Michele Shane L'Hoste with 1st Lake Properties, Inc.

    Should an employer opt to transfer a worker to another city, the family can pick up and leave without worrying about selling their house. Some of today's multi-family communities make life even easier for tenants by offering flexible leasing terms that are shorter than the traditional 12-month lease agreements. Communities with various developments in neighboring areas may even offer help in finding a new apartment if there's a need to relocate…”


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    Apartment Living Offers Convenience, Value And Amenities Galore
    June 16, 2014


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