• Park Place Condominiums (Medford, MA)
    Quiet Qurl® 52/013 RF

    The Park Place Condominiums are a perfect example of Bostonian-style red brick architecture. Located in Medford, Massachusetts, these condominiums are just six miles from downtown Boston and a short distance from an impressive assortment of city amenities and entertainment venues.

    Bus stops and other public transit are easily accessible to Park Place residents, who will find travel to most Medford and Boston locations to be a piece of cake. Though public transportation is readily accessible, most of residents’ needs are taken care of within walking distance of home. A person doesn’t need to venture more than a mile to find a plethora of grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, bars, bookstores, fitness studios, drug stores, hardware stores, clothes shops, parks and libraries at his or her fingertips. Beyond this immediate radius, still more of these amenities abound, not to mention thriving downtown Boston.

    Park Place consists of 20 two-bedroom/two-bathroom condominium units, each with its own parking spaces. Condominium floor plans feature a luxurious master bedroom, and large kitchens with hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, and granite counter tops. For special occasions, Park Place Condos provides a party room on its basement floor, where residents can spend free time to socialize and get to know their neighbors.

    On the walk home from errands and outings with friends, tenants will be pleased to view the professionally landscaped grounds amongst the scenery of the quaint Boston-style neighborhood.

    Because Park Place is a multi-family living arrangement, it was necessary for its builders to include a noise control product to prevent sound from traveling between its four floors. Keene Building Products’ Quiet Qurl® 52/013 RF is a noise control mat that was utilized in the construction of this building. The product consists of a polypropylene matrix of monofilaments that act as a spring in between the finished floor and subfloor. This polymer matrix is attached to a fiberglass scrim and fabric that provide added tensile strength to help the polymer matrix support a floating floor.

    The end result is a product that creates an airspace in the floor assembly; this limits the touching of assembly components to just 5%, reducing the transmission of sound vibrations. Instead, these vibrations are absorbed and diffused in the airspace that was created by the Quiet Qurl® 52/013 RF product, and the floors below are isolated from footfall and other impact noise above.

    Quiet Qurl® 52/013 RF was designed to create a peaceful, uninterrupted living space in condominium-style construction. Because Park Place is walking distance from a smorgasbord of amenities and entertainment, its excellent location and proximity to downtown Boston give it a “middle-of-everything” appeal. At the same time, the integrity of the quaint Boston-like atmosphere on Park Street needs to be preserved. While residents have the option to take advantage of all that the area has to offer outside of their doors, Quiet Qurl® 52/013 RF allows them a cozy, private home to which they can return.

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