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    Revere, Massachusetts is located approximately 5 miles from downtown Boston and only a short walk to the beach. Revere Beach, which faces the Atlantic Ocean, was the first public beach in America. 

    In the 1950's-1970's the beach slowly deteriorated due to bad weather,and as of the 1990's has had a major renovation. The beach now boasts high-rise apartments, a newly sanded beach, and a completely updated boulevard. 

    Since the revitalization of the beach, Revere has now become quite a popular place to settle down, which has caused a high demand for housing. So developers are doing everything in their power to ensure they meet this demand. 

    A new apartment complex being built in Revere desired a product that would eliminate noise transfer between the floor and ceiling assembly. One major complaint heard from apartment residents is being able to hear the loud stomps coming from the apartment above. To alleviate the problem, Keene Building Product's Quiet Qurl® 55/025 FT was chosen as the solution! 

    Quiet Qurl® 55/025 FT is an entangled net acoustical mat designed to limit impact noise between floors. It is equipped with a KEENE's newest "Fast Tracking" fabric liner. The FT fabric suspends the concrete mixture while expediting the drying time. Quiet Qurl® 55/025 FT can cut down drying times up to 40% under the right environmental conditions. This occurs because the bottom side is thick enough for air movement, while the fabric is open enough to allow bottom drying through convection. 


    Quiet Qurl® 55/025 FT allows moisture to continue to evaporate from the bottom side of the topping pour, but prevents trapped moisture, since it continues to allow moisture vapor to pass through. 

    With faster drying times, the project was able to be  finished in ample time. A cost savings to both the builder and developer. The apartment complex is now open for business and the residents can enjoy the privacy and quiet living space that they desire! 

    Sounds good doesn't it?

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