• “A recent survey of multifamily residents nationwide conducted by J Turner Research on behalf of Multifamily Executive, shows key findings of what residents most want in their apartment and community.

    The survey, dubbed "Resident Lifestyle Preferences: An Insight," included 12 large apartment firms, comprising 707 properties across the country, with 27,642 responses received in total.

    Several questions in the exclusive lifestyle-focused survey pertain to the wants and needs of residents both in their units and throughout their community, such as the importance of quietness and what stores they would most like to see in their neighborhood…”


    Read the article, link is below!


    Exclusive Survey Part 3: Quiet, Stores, and Parking 

    Multifamily Executive

    By: Katie Gloede

    October 10, 2014


    Read article: http://www.multifamilyexecutive.com/property-management/resident-life/exclusive-survey-part-3-quiet-stores-and-parking_o

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