• Quiet Qurl Options Video

    Presented by Jim Keene, President of Keene Building Products. 

    In this video, Jim shares a brief summary of the developments in sound control mats in the last 20 years. He continues by discussing three fabric options that Keene Building Products offers for the Quiet Qurl product line. In conclusion he shares the importance of sound control mats laying flat.


    Quiet Qurl MC products

    Moisture Control fabric has become the standard for all Quiet Qurl products.

    Quiet Qurl MT products

    “Muffling Technology” fabric adds a conformable bottom side muffler to the sound control mat. This cotton like layer acts to "Muffle" noise.

    Quiet Qurl RF products

    Reinforced Fiberglass fabric is a combination of fiberglass fabric and coated fiberglass scrim, which acts to enhance tensile strength in the gypsum.

    All Quiet Qurl products lay flat!

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