• Furring Strips of the Future

    What is a Furring Strip?  

    In construction, furring strips are thin strips of wood or other material to level or raise surfaces of another material to prevent dampness, to make space for insulation, or to level and resurface ceilings or walls.

    Furring refers to the process of installing the strips and to the strips themselves. Furring is a U.K. term for wood strips which are usually 50 mm wide, tapered and fixed above wood roof joists to provide drainage falls below roof boarding. Furring strips themselves are typically referred to as battens in the U.K. and sometimes the material is called strapping in the U.S.

    As indicated above the furring strip is used to provide space between the substrate and the finish of the structure.  For exterior applications in construction whether residential, multi-family or commercial, furring strips are used to create a drainage plane and air space over the WRB (weather resistive barrier) and behind the cladding.


    Common Furring Strips:

    As defined above the furring strips are typically wood.  There are also metal furring strips, PVC Strips, hat channels among others. All of these furring strips have the same functionality and take a saw,  grinder, or a mechanical method to cut to size; which can become labor intensive and typically has two workers assigned to produce, one to measure, one to cut.

    When you use a wood furring strip to create a barrier between wall and cladding you are creating a barrier that is powerless to moisture absorption. This moisture can get trapped behind siding and can cause rot, mold, and mildew. Wood furring strips also tend to not include warranty and can cause cracking, warping and splitting.

    As we know, protecting our projects from having these moisture issues is critical.

    So, you might be wondering “How can I prevent these problems?”

    Keene Building Products has added a NEW type of furring strip to the marketplace that takes place of the furring strips mentioned above. Easy-Fur™ is a 4-inch-wide open weave entangled net that functions just like a conventional furring strip.  There is some distinct difference the Easy Fur Product.  For instance, it can be cut with a scissors or razor knife.  It is packaged 25 feet per roll and 4 rolls per bundle.  The cost is similar to conventional furring strips and is much faster and easier to install and being open weave will not trap moisture like a wood furring strip could. Plus, the Easy Fur is multi-dimensional so it works well on vertical sidings as well.  Easy-Fur's unique design allows for the fastest installation of any furring strip on the market because it can be rolled on to the wall and easily cut to length.



    Wood siding
    Metal siding
    Fiber cement board siding
    Other roofing and wall applications



    Features & Benefits

    Easy to install
    Can be cut with scissors
    Promotes airflow and drainage
    Meets most local codes
    Will not split, warp or rot
    Provides no source for the promotion of MOLD, MILDEW or BACTERIA
    Lightweight and easy to carry


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