• Protect Your Building Envelope With Rainscreen


    A rainscreen is the weather-facing surface of an exterior wall detail that stands off at least 1/8” from the moisture-resistant surface of the structural back-up wall. In many cases, this would be a brick veneer, stone veneer or other types of masonry veneers.

    A very important, though often ignored, point about rainscreens: A veneer that does not stand off from the moisture-resistant surface of the structural backup wall to create a cavity is NOT a true rainscreen; it is just a veneer.



    Moisture-related issues are the most common building defect in single & multi-family construction. The rainscreen is the first line of defense against the effects of moisture on the wall detail. Rainscreen provides airspace to allow incidental moisture to drain and ventilate away from the building’s interior. This method of securing the health of the building envelope is far & away the most cost-effective technique for preventing these issues from occurring.



    1. Drainage – Rainscreens allow for drainage within the wall system; This is important to relieve/release incidental moisture from the wall cavity. 
    2. Ventilation – Rainscreens also allow for drying within the wall system; This allows the façade to dry from both the inside and the outside, which allows helps to minimize (if not eliminate) efflorescence.
    3. Easy Mobility – Rainscreens are lightweight & easy to handle.
    4. Cost-Efficient – The installation process is simple & inexpensive; We recommend using a mechanical staple hammer.
    5. Chemical-Resistant – The polymer core is resistant to most known corrosive chemicals, including solvents.
    6. Fewer Seams – Our rainscreens come in wide rolls, allowing for fewer seams during installation.
    7. Mold Prevention – Rainscreens protect from moisture, which is the prominent source of mold growth. 




    Want to learn more about our Driwall™ Rainscreens?

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