• Profile on Shopping Center Using DriWall™ Rainscreen 020-1

    Shopping Center
    Mayfield Heights, OH 

    Driwall™ Rainscreen 020-1

    A local shopping center in Mayfield Heights, Ohio has recently gone through a large-scale renovation. The remodel created a new storefront facade, while also attracting more tenants and customers. 

    Construction crews started working day and night to remove the old facade and add new stone. The stone sits atop Keene’s Driwall Rainscreen 020-1 which will help control excess moisture, allowing the new stone increased ventilation. 

    Driwall Rainscreen is a drainage mat for exterior wall systems. The entangled net product eliminates incidental moisture problems in most exterior veneer applications, including stucco, manufactured stone, and plank siding.

    Driwall Rainscreen 020-1 is a nominal 0.25-inch, randomly oriented, geometric patterned drainage and ventilation mat. It is designed to eliminate moisture and moisture vapor in masonry and other siding. Driwall Rainscreen is produced from an extruded polymer matrix of tangled monofilaments. 

    The three-dimensional mat is heat-laminated to a non-woven lightweight, breathable fabric in order to provide a separation from cementitious sidings. The monofilaments are heat-welded at the junctions to form a structure that spaces exterior veneer away from the inner sheathing.

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