• Keene Building Products is a manufacturer of moisture management products in the building envelope, as well as noise control products for multi-family construction.

    Keene Building Products would like to introduce two products used in balcony and below grade applications. These products are: Driwall™ Prefabricated Composite Drain and Driwall™ Membrane.


    Driwall™ Prefabricated Composite Drain (PCD)



    The Driwall™ PCD products are drainage and ventilation mats used to eliminate hydrostatic pressure from behind foundation walls, retaining walls, plaza decks, planters, and balconies. Specifically in balcony and below-grade applications, two Driwall™ PCD products can be used; Driwall™ PCD 10/013 (3 mm-thick), and Driwall™ PCD 10/025 (9 mm-thick).


    • High flow rate
    • Fire resistant - Class A fired rated product
    • Provides a thin profile for tight construction


    Driwall™ Membrane



    The Driwall™ Membrane is a self-adhering flashing and waterproofing membrane. There are two options available: 40 mil-thickness and 60 mil-thickness. These products, with conjunction to Driwall™ PCD, can be used in foundation walls, retaining walls, plaza decks, planters and balconies.


    Specifically in a balcony or below-grade assembly, applicators can pour concrete on top of the Driwall™ PCD and the Driwall™ Membrane, which will provide waterproofing, drainage and ventilation within the balcony and below-grade assembly.

    • Impermeable to air, moisture vapor, and water
    • Excellent adhesion to concrete, galvanized metal, steel, plywood, and gypsum
    • Highly resistant to punctures and tears


    Learn more Driwall™ Membrane 40 mil

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