• "Starting a business is pretty risky. I got lucky ten years ago, and the success was a reflection of how badly the market needed a supplier and the creativity and dedication the people we work with added. Thanks to everyone that helped make it happen and we promise to give back to the best of our ability." James R. Keene

    Who is Keene Building Products?
    We come from one of the most creative places inthe world and try to give a little back to everyone we do business with. Whenyou work with us, we will find solutions from a different angle than others.Solutions come by placing seemingly dissimilar things close to one another andlooking for their synergy. We solve construction problems by incorporating ourvast knowledge of building applications with a great materials awareness. Wehave many patents issued and many more pending. We are a collaborative companywith innovative, problem-solving people.
    The backbone of America is small business.Small businesses can make decisions vastly different than large corporations.Since we’re controlled collectively by a family, we aren’t looking for today’sprofit return; we are looking to the long run success of our operation. Wearen’t moving offshore to save a few pennies in labor and overhead; we aredesigning the solution that no one else thought of and making it with ourexperienced people. But we don’t just make it, we market the product byunderstanding the place where our materials are used. We become experts in thefield of use while manufacturing the product.
    People are the difference. Here at Keene we have a special team of people who join for a challenge, who look for the nextsolution, and who aren’t satisfied with the present solution since there isalways something better. We are working on the incremental difference, nottrying to get the last penny. We want to share the dollar with our customers,our people, and our charities.
    Who is Keene Building Products? We are KEENE to make a difference and share it.