• How to Protect Your Open Joint  System


    First, what is ultraviolet (uv) resistance?  

    UV radiation is present in sunlight, and constitutes about 10% of the total electromagnetic radiation output from the Sun.




    How can ultraviolet light damage your project?  

    If you have an open joint system, the UV light can come through and your project can be subjected to premature or unintended failure because of deterioration.


    How can you prevent UV Damage on your Open Joint System? 

    Keene’s Driwalltm Rainscreen UV is designed to provide a 10MM cavity with long-term UV Resistance in facades that have open joints exposed to the elements. It has strength bars incorporated into the material to increase compression resistance.  The combination of these two characteristics makes Driwall Rainscreen UV ideal and the best choice for open joint claddings. The UV stable fabric is black in color to add contrast to the siding and the entangled net is designed to deter insects.  Open joint cladding limitation is a maximum open gap 3/8-inch.

    Why use Driwall Rainscreen UV? 

















    What applications can you use Driwall Rainscreen UV?

    • Fiber cement board siding 
    • Wood siding
    • Open joint cladding
    • Metal panels


    Where can you find more information about DWRS UV?