• Profile on Residential Home in Hinckley, OH
    Project Profile:
    Hinckley, OH
    Driwall Rainscreen 020-1
    In the small town of Hinckley, Ohio, a builder wanted to create a new home for his family that fit all of their wants and needs. After much thought and consideration, he came up with a plan that would accomplish that. 

    For this particular home, manufactured stone was used for the exterior veneer. Although it looks aesthetically pleasing, he had some concern about the drainage and ventilation. One of the biggest questions is how to properly drain and ventilate your exterior veneer. With the building envelope so tight to prevent thermal leakage, the exterior veneers are getting wet with not the same ability to dry as they have in the past. This directly correlates to having a moisture problem.
    To alleviate any moisture related issues, a decision was made to incorporate Keene Building Products’ Driwall Rainscreen 020-1. Which is a nominal 0.25-inch, randomly oriented, geometric patterned drainage and ventilation mat, designed to eliminate moisture and moisture vapor in masonry and other siding.
    Driwall Rainscreen will provide an airspace for any incidental moisture penetration that gets behind the stone, which will happen due to settling of the home,wind driven rain, etc., to drain to the exterior. Also, Driwall Rainscreen will provide ventilation. When the stone gets wet, it will have the capacity to properly dry. Draining, and drying are two extremely important aspects for the proper life span of manufactured stone, and Driwall Rainscreen provides that in one product.
    DRIWALL™ Products – the right way to stay Dry!