• “Earlier this year, a Santa Barbara, Calif., jury reached an effective 12 to 0 verdict against a family that sued the Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara (HACSB), claiming the local apartment building in which they rented contained toxic mold. The mold, the plaintiffs alleged, had caused family members to develop chronic illness and forced them to move out of their apartment for six months.

    The family lost the case against the agency because no hard evidence of toxic-mold exposure was found, but the fact the lawsuit ever materialized is worrisome, given the fact the HACSB had taken the necessary steps to protect its tenants from mold exposure before they moved in. The subject is still sort of a gray area in the multifamily world, with no federal regulations in place to guide owners and operators…”

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    Moisture Control: How to Limit, Remediate Mold
    By: Linsey Isaacs
    Multifamily Executive
    November 6, 2013