• Updating Brick Veneer Ventilation for Modern Construction

    "Masonry structures are known for having high durability, which is why they are built to last for 100 years. Current building codes emphasize energy efficiency, which has made influential changes to masonry veneer wall systems. The two most influential changes are the additions of continuous insulation and air barriers into the masonry cavity. These additions greatly enhance energy efficiency. However, the addition of continuous insulation causes masonry cavities to lose air space, frequently as much as 50%. This is the new era of brick veneer, the era of smaller air spaces in veneer walls. Improper ventilation systems based on old technology can cause excess moisture, affecting the durability and longevity of the structure. Therefore, properly detailing these walls is crucial.

    There are two keys to drying in veneer cavities: drainage and ventilation. Drainage requires an opening or weeps at the bottom of the wall to allow any incidental moisture to escape the veneer system..."


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    Updating Brick Veneer Ventilation for Modern Construction
    Masonry Magazine

    Written by: Jim O'Neill

    May 2016

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