• Program Title: Healthy Roofs = Drainage and Ventilation

    Program Number: DWHR12

    Provider Name: Keene Building Products

    Healthy roofs stand the test of time because of two important attributes; drainage and ventilation. Moisture related issues in roof, and wall assemblies have contributed to a historic amount of damage and failures. This presentation focuses on the need, and benefits of a continuous drainage, and ventilation underlayment in several different types of roofing applications. It will also emphasize how each component of the roof work in conjunction with one another to alleviate any potential problems regarding moisture.

    • Review research, best practices, and recommendations on the need for continuous ventilation in roofs.
    • Analyze the problems from poorly ventilated roofs, as well as establish the benefits of continuous ventilation in roofing assemblies.
    • Identify the components of proper roof ventilation.
    • Understand roofing details in accordance with the continuous ventilation underlayment in wood and metal roofing assemblies.

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