• Driwall™ Weep Screed is used as a flashing and weep when used with weather-resistant barrier or building paper and Driwall™ Rainscreen.

    It provides a clean termination for stucco, manufactured stone and thin natural stone at the bottom of the wall. The unique “V”-shape allows migration of moisture down the screed and away from the wall.

    This product is required by all major building codes and the International Building Code at the bottom of all framed walls.


    • 3 ½-Inch (89-mm) nailing and flashing flange
    • Color: gray
    • ¾-Inch (19-mm) “V”-shaped drip edge
    • 5-foot lengths
    • PVC material meets ASTM standards D1784, C1063 and D4216-99
    Learn more about Driwall™ Weep Screed.
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