• “Waterproofing failures are more easily overlooked than roofing problems, so design professionals tend to hear less about them. When compared with a reroofing project, however, a below-grade or interior rehabilitation can be far more disruptive and expensive.

    Whereas a roof leak can generally be identified with simple test probes, waterproofing breaches can be challenging to diagnose. Even a seemingly superficial leak can be symptomatic of hidden moisture-related deterioration. For basements, vaults, tunnels, and water features, excavation of overburden is often necessary; in commercial kitchens or lobbies, removal and replacement of fixtures and finishes is frequent…”

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    An Overview of Waterproofing Solutions
    The Construction Specifier
    By: Richard P. Kadlubowski, AIA

    Read article here: http://www.constructionspecifier.com/an-overview-of-waterproofing-solutions/

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