• Hello again! I am the Dri Guy from Keene Building Products. Some of you may know my counterpart, the Quiet Guy. I’m not here to discuss noise, but if you are interested please see the Quiet Guy. I am here to discuss, inform and educate you on anything, and everything related to moisture and ventilation in the building envelope. We are a manufacturer of various building envelope products so you will be able to learn about our products as well as read interesting articles related to the building industry. We will include project profiles, codes and research, video links, trends and other helpful information that is related to moisture management for the building envelope. My goal is to have a continuous dialogue so that every level of the construction industry can come away with useful and relevant knowledge as it relates to moisture management. Please feel free to ask questions and make comments. We will do our best to get you the answers you need.

    The Dri Guy

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