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    Residents of Spinnaker Point town homes will be pleased to find themselves in the middle of everything in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. These town homes reside off of Market Street, just a mile down the street from downtown. The city of Portsmouth offers all of the advantages of a thriving metropolis, including cafes, parks, markets, bars, and the Portsmouth Music Hall, while offering the charm of a typical waterfront New England town.

    Spinnaker Point town homes offer the advantages of multi-level, single-family homes, while its clubhouse, exercise facility, indoor and outdoor pools, tennis and basketball courts give it a community atmosphere. Neighbors can say “hello” from their own private decks, or meet up at the clubhouse for a get-together. Homes also feature vaulted ceilings, washers and dryers, extra indoor sto­rage, modern kitchen appliances and spacious floor plans.

    The Dri Guy BLOG 07 March 2012 IMAGE 01Spinnaker Point ensured quality construction in its town homes by featuring durable fiber cement clapboard siding exteriors, under which the builder installed Keene Building Products’ Driwall™ Rainscreen 020-1 drainage mat product. This simple installation helps to keep Spinnaker Point home exteriors looking like new by preventing deterioration issues caused by trapped moisture.

    Driwall™ Rainscreen is an extruded polymer matrix of monofilaments that is heat-welded to a non-woven, breathable fabric. This structure creates an airspace in the wall cavity, allowing moisture to evaporate and ventilate, and liquid moisture to drain through properly. This prevents problems in exterior cavity walls, including mold, efflorescence and cracking.

    The Dri Guy BLOG 07 March 2012 IMAGE 02

    Driwall™ Rainscreen is the crucial detail to any home construction or renovation project. It is designed for use under stucco, stone, brick, and siding applications such the fiber cement clapboard that was utilized in Spinnaker Point town home exteriors.

    The Dri Guy BLOG 07 March 2012 IMAGE 03In a neighborhood such as Spinnaker Point, a ventilation and drainage system in building exteriors is fundamental. Driwall™ Rainscreen helps to ensure quality by maintaining both the aesthetics of the community, and the functionality of the construction itself.

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