• Weather Barriers: What Are They & Why Are They Important?

    Weather Barriers: Why You Need Them & What They Do


    Take charge to avoid structural damage, increase protection, and improve energy efficiency in your construction project by incorporating effective barrier systems.


    An important part of the solution to avoid structural damage is to install an air barrier in your wall system. Air barriers are designed to prevent the flow of air and the moisture attached to it from entering the building envelope. Approximately, 100 times more water vapor is carried into walls by air leakage than is carried by vapor diffusion, making an air barrier more critical than its counterpart, a vapor barrier.

    Air leakage is outside air that enters a house uncontrollably through cracks and openings. In the summer, leakage can bring humid outdoor air into the building, and in the winter, it moves warm, moist indoor air into cold envelope cavities. In either case, condensation can occur in the structure, resulting in mold or rot.

    Air leakage into and out of a home can account for 30% or more of a home’s heating and cooling costs. With a properly installed air barrier system, you can improve a building’s performance and reduce heating and cooling costs. Energy savings translate into cost savings for the client. This may also help increase the value of commercial buildings by reducing operating costs. A return on investment for both parties.


    So, what makes an effective air barrier?     


    1. Continuity: no gaps, cracks, or openings.  

    2. Durability: needs to last for the life of the building.

    3. Repairable: access to repair if damaged.


    Keene Building Products has developed two air/water weather barriers, DRIWALL™ AIR WEATHER BARRIER – High Build and DRIWALL™ AIR WEATHER BARRIER – High Perm., to be your solution. Keene’s air weather barriers continuously protect approved substrates from incidental water damage and improve energy efficiency.



    Why is Keene’s DRIWALL™ AIR WEATHER BARRIER right for you?


    Keene created a high-build air weather barrier and acrylic-based high-perm air weather barrier to best suit your building needs. Keene has been in the field and witnessed these issues first-hand and manufactured a product to be the perfect solution.


    Features & Benefits:


    • Full surface coverage

    • Does not rattle in the wind like sheet goods

    • Vapor permeable with low air infiltration rate

    • Used as water barrier and flashing

    • Compatible with each other

    • Adheres to most common building materials

    • Easy to apply, water-based for easy cleanup


    An air barrier can prevent structural damage, help keep the air quality clean and the mold out – leaving fewer problems for you and the building occupants. Contact Keene for more information and start using an air weather barrier in your system today.