• Balcony Waterproofing


    Keene Building Products has launched a balcony waterproof membrane system to go along with their drainage line of product line, Driwall™ Prefabricated Composite Drain (PCD). The system consists of a 60 mil self-adhered sheet called Driwall Membrane 60 mil, Driwall Solvent Based Primer and a sealant to detail seams and substrates called KeeneSeal 100

    Driwall Membrane has been designed with a woven facer that has a puncture resistance of over 330 pounds, which makes it ideal for horizontal waterproofing, allowing other trades to walk across before concrete topping slab is poured.  The weave also allows for a flexible product in cold weather which when properly installed there should be zero fish mouths at the seams. The facer is white which gives the contractor an easy visual to see if any damage has occurred by other trades.  

    KeeneSeal 100 is another addition the Keene Family of products. It is STPE single component sealant that can be used on most common substrates and adheres extremely well to the face of the Driwall Membranes.

    Combined with DRIWALL PCD, the system is a final product offering for multi-family balcony and breezeway waterproofing with a product line all inclusive from one brand and one manufacturer.

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