• Project Profile on Lake House in Bay Village, OH

    Lake House

    Bay Village, OH

    Driwall™ Rainscreen 020-1

    Driwall™ Rainscreen 07-1



     Dan Meehan, A newly retired Architect in Bay Village, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, always dreamt of building his own home overlooking Lake Erie. So when the time finally came, he knew exactly what he wanted. 

    “The long narrow lot with incredible views generated a great deal of thought about what you sense as you pass through the site and home while organizing all the living spaces to take advantage of the panoramic Lake Erie view. Significant research went into products and construction methods so the house is well built to withstand the variety of challenging weather off the lake and also have a level of detail with unique touches that are special to us. This is our retirement home so we wanted it to be relaxing, like being on vacation - we wake up every morning thrilled that we don’t have to check out,” said home owner, Dan Meehan.

     Living near the lake definitely has its perks, but one negative aspect is moisture. Cleveland, Ohio doesn’t always have the best weather, especially during the winter months when the lake effect snow hits. Moisture can do an immense amount of damage to a home if there is no protection, which is why Dan needed to find a product to keep his home as good as new for years to come.

    Keene Building Products’ Driwall Rainscreen 020-1, Driwall Rainscreen 075-1 and Easy-Fur were chosen to combat the moisture issue.

    Easy-Fur is an entangled polymer net furring strip that creates a cutting edge rainscreen and venting system behind wood and fiber-cement siding. Easy-Fur’s unique design allows for the fastest installation of any furring strip on the market, because it can be rolled on to the wall and easily cut to length.

    Driwall Rainscreen is a drainage mat for exterior wall systems. The full-wall entangled net product rolls over the water-resistive barrier to separate it from the exterior veneer. The airspace that it creates increases airflow through the wall cavity, allowing the wall to breathe and stay dry. Depending on the size of the cavity desired, it may be specified from a 0.13” thickness to 0.75” thickness.

    In the case of this home, both Driwall Rainscreen 020-1 (0.25” thickness) and 075-1 (0.75” thickness) were used. This is because brick was used as the exterior veneer on half of the home, and Driwall Rainscreen 075-1 is best used behind brick veneers due to the thicker cavity. As for the rest of the siding, Driwall Rainscreen 020-1 and Easy-Fur were used behind Boral polymer fly ash siding and trim.

    Now that the home is completed with full wall moisture protection, Dan and his family can enjoy their beautiful home no matter what the weather may be.