• This article will help you with “how to Specify, bid, and install a successful Air Barrier System.” Make sure you have a Drainage and Ventilation mat too, such as Driwall Rainscreen 020-1.

    “Air barriers have become an integral part of the design in wall assemblies over the last 15 years. Air barriers can be used over any substrate and behind any cladding. An air barrier can be either a building wrap, self-adhesive membrane or fluid applied packaged in a 5 gallon pail or 55 gallon drum. Building wraps and self-adhesive membranes have been used for over 25 years as substrate protection. Building paper often incorporates a self-adhesive membrane at transitions, window and door openings and substrate penetrations. Self-adhesive membranes are installed over the entire substrate including transitions, window and door openings and substrate penetrations. Some fluid applied air barriers were initially designed to function as substrate protection and as a component of a drainage EIF system…”

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    Installing An Air Barrier System
    Walls & Ceilings
    Michael DeLaura
    May 1, 2014


    Read article here: http://www.wconline.com/articles/88954-installing-an-air-barrier-system