• “Enclosure walls with a rainscreen function are becoming increasingly common. Proper moisture management techniques are critical to the performance and life span of a structure as well as the comfort and health of occupants.

    Designers are acknowledging that old-style face-sealing methods were not effective in preventing the ingress of water. Water, both as liquid and vapor, accumulates within the wall system and affects moisture-sensitive wall components. This is energy inefficient as the insulation becomes wet and cannot perform.  Even worse, the building can begin to decay…” To read more, click below!


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    Using rainscreens in remodeling: Thinking beyond drainage


    By: Energy & Environmental Building Alliance

    May 16, 2012


    For full article please click here: http://www.housingzone.com/green-energy-efficiency/using-rainscreens-remodeling-thinking-beyond-drainage

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