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                  IBS WORKSHOP:

                  TUESDAY Jan. 20th at 11:00AM
                  Location: Multifamily Central (North Hall) - N255
                  Noise Control - The Most Valuable Amenity
                  Presenter: Jim Keene

                  Often when we think about amenities, our minds go to things like pools, green
                  space and a great gym. While all those options are attractive, recent studies
                  show a quiet and comfortable living space is the most important amenity of all.
                  Keene has been an innovator in the multifamily noise control industry for over a
                  decade. Hear them discuss how to refine your building techniques to maximize
                  the system's acoustical performance.

    Visit KBP's and Dependable and learn more about our noise control, building envelope, and flooring products. Our products include: Quiet Qurl® for noise control underlayments for Multi-family, our Acoustical Assurance™ line of ceiling isolation products for noise control, Driwall™ products for drainage and ventilation, including our Rainscreen Products, and floor preparation products including self-levelers, patches and moisture mitigation. Also from Dependable is our NEW Underlayment Line of products including: KeedeRoll 100 & 300, KeedeLath, and QQ Step Soft.

    We offer many approved AIA courses: Healthy Walls = Rainscreen and Ventilation, Multi-family Sound Control, Masonry Cavity Walls: The Original Rainscreen, Healthy Roofs = Drainage and Ventilation and Solidifying your Foundation - Below Grade Drainage. Please inquire for more details. We look forward to seeing you there.

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