• Driwall Weep Vents are an entangled net product that ensures drainage in a masonry cavity.


    Made from extruded polypropylene filaments with UV stabilizers, it is the first weep vent system that allows for the highest level of ventilation while protecting the inner wall from rodent penetration.

    The rigid structure properly spaces the bricks from one another and can be placed during wall construction.

    Packaged in handy boxes for easy shipment, Driwall Weep Vents 025 are the perfect product to blend an open head joint with the surrounding masonry for an aesthetically pleasing look.

    Driwall Weep Vent 025: thickness: 0.375 inches / 9 mm

    Size: 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches

    DCF 1.0


    • Commercial and residential masonry cavity walls


    • 95% open structure for the HIGHEST AIRFLOW in any weep vent
    • Rigid structure that can be placed during wall construction and used to properly space bricks from one another
    • Simple installation
    • Polymer core is resistant to most known corrosive chemicals, including solvents

    Perfect thickness to work in minimum cavity walls where a mortar dam occurs at each brick course


    Learn more about Driwall Weep Vents

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