• “Reducing air leakage in buildings is a cost-effective strategy for improving energy performance. Yet, until recently, energy codes did not have quantitative requirements for air leakage control. Mandatory Air Barrier requirements were recently introduced in the main energy codes such as ASHRAE 90.1, IECC. However, most of these energy codes use an air barrier material compliance option, which does not provide high level of confidence on the performance of an installed air barrier…” To read more, click below!


    Controlling Air Leakage for Improved Building Energy Performance
    By: Maria Spinu, PhD, LEED AP

    Walls & Ceilings

    November 6, 2012


    For full article please click here: http://www.wconline.com/articles/88185-controlling-air-leakage-for-improved-building-energy-performance

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