• Project Profile:

    Historical House

    Telluride, CO

    Driwall Rainscreen 020-1


    The historic mining town of Telluride, CO, is known for its historically significant architecture, open space, traditional design elements, and small town mountain lifestyle. Visitors near and far come to enjoy the popular ski and golf resorts, multiple historic landmarks such as the Sheridan Opera House, and the Telluride Historical Museum. With its beautiful mountain views and historical significance, Telluride is a great place to be.

    In Telluride Historic District there are many homes of historic significance. Preserving these homes is the highest of importance, especially when the local contractor was worried about potential moisture issues, which could lead to cupping, warping, and ultimate failure of the exterior siding. After some product research, the contractor of the house decided to use Keene’s Driwall Rainscreen 020-1 behind the wood siding. The drainage mat creates a ¼-inch airspace between the sheathing and the siding veneer to prevent moisture build-up by providing a drainage plane and open airspace for ventilation within the wall.

    DW RS 020-1 Wood Siding Old historical house in downtown Telluride CO (historical district) Sept 2015 01 smaller

    DriwalI Rainscreen 020-1 is a quarter-inch thick drainage and ventilation mat used behind fiber cement, wood siding, and other exterior wall systems. The entangled net drainage andventilation mat eliminates incidental moisture penetrations and problems in siding applications. The product is installed over the weather-resistant barrier, which will separate it from the fiber cement or wood siding. This airspace that is provided by the Driwall Rainscreen, will assure that any moisture that penetrates the siding can drain to the  exterior, but most importantly it allows the wall to breath and stay dry.

    DW RS 020-1 Wood Siding Old historical house in downtown Telluride CO (historical district) Sept 2015 02 SMALLER

    By applying Driwall Rainscreen 020-1 to this historical home, the contractor eliminated any moisture issues that may have occurred in time.


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