• Here are 2 products that can help with drainage in Foundation Walls.


    Driwall Prefabricated Composite Drain products are drainage mats designed to eliminate hydrostatic pressure from behind foundation walls, retaining walls, planters, plaza decks, and balconies.

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    The mat holds soil or concrete away from the wall or deck and keeps the drainage plane clear. When using Driwalltm Prefabricated Composite Drain products, aggregate for drainage can be eliminated from the construction site.


    Driwall Protection Board is a 0.125"-thick waterproofing protection and drainage mat. It is used AFTER applying the waterproofing membrane to exterior foundation walls to prevent damage when backfilling.

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    The product provides great drainage around foundations while eliminating the need for expensive clean-free, draining backfill. After protecting our basements' waterproofing, it is essential to drain the soil around your foundation. Protection Board does this by eliminating hydrostatic pressure. Its open structure provides room for ample drainage, and a non-woven fabric separates soil from the water, allowing the water to move away for the foundation through the drainage pipe.