• 10 Reasons Why You Should Install a Green Roof

    If you've visited any of the major US cities in recent years, there's a good chance you may have spotted a new trend being adopted by many of its occupants; Green roofs. 

    Whether commercial or residential, more and more buildings throughout our nation's concrete jungles have begun embracing what many European countries have been doing for years. But why?

    What is a Green Roof?

    A green roof system is an extension of the existing roof which involves (at a minimum) high quality water-proofing, root repellent system, drainage system, filter cloth, a lightweight growing medium, and plants. 

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    Why get a Green Roof?

    Conceptually, vegetative roofs can turn unused roof space into a park-like garden setting with a keen sensitivity to environmental enhancement. Barrett green roofs are designed around inter-dependent components which function as a natural planting habitat, creating new types of public and private spaces while restoring nature’s footprint on the built environment.

    With due respect and integration of Feng Shui design principles, a green roof can be endowed with an indefinable quality providing serenity, balance and harmony in otherwise lost space, all the while making important environmental contributions.

    To make the decision that much easier, we’ve broken down the many benefits into a list: 


    10 Reasons Why You Should Install a Green Roof:


    1.) Climate/Weather Hero

    In conjunction with other green installations, green roofs can play a role in altering the climate and even the weather of a city as a whole. In addition to changing carbon dioxide to oxygen green roofs also remove heavy metal particulate materials from rainwater and dramatically reduce stormwater runoff which can decrease the need to expand or rebuild related stormwater infrastructure.


    2.) Money Saver

    Significantly prolongs roof life (double to triples) lessening occupancy disruption and reroofing expense resulting in low life-cycle cost. In addition, tax credits for green roofs are available in an increasing number of jurisdictions including New York, Chicago, Washington, Maryland, Portland, and Seattle.


    3.) Not Your Average Umbrella

    In areas with high annual precipitation, buildings with standard roofs sometimes face the problem of overflowing gutters after heavy rainfall. If those rooftopss are flat, that excess rain will gather in puddles of murky water that over time can cause damage to the roof's surface. With green roofs, whatever water isn't absorbed by the soil and vegetation will be caught by the waterproofing membrane below the surface.


    4.) Counteract Urban Island Effect

    City buildings and big cement blocks often trap heat from the sun which is known as “Urban Island Effect” (Anyone who has walked across a scalding parking lot on a hot, summer day has felt one effect of an Urban Heat Island). Having plants on top is good for the environment as they counteract that effect and decrease air pollution.


    5.) Green Roofs – 1, Sun – 0

    If you live in a sunny country, you will probably have a brittle roof, with cracks, that constantly needs maintenance. Green rooftops can significantly counteract that and help protect your roof. When you live in a country known for its hot weather. The sizzling temperature of your house interior can be reduced by 6-8 degrees Fahrenheit if you have a rooftop green space.


    6.) A Breath of Fresh Air

    Plants growing on your green roof convert carbon dioxide to oxygen via photosynthesis, which improves both indoor air quality with rooftop intakes as well as neighborhood air quality. (1 square meter of grass removes 0.2kg of airborne particulates per year)


    7.) Pollution Fighter

    Rather than relying on the use of excessive amounts of power, green roofs are designed to thrive on natural energy. Reduced energy consumption means less pollution created when energy is consumed.


    8.) No More Waste

    Every year, close to 9 million tons of roof debris is collected & sent to landfills. Green roofs cut that number down by more than half.


    9.) Solar Power

    Solar fans are a perfect pairing with green rooftops. Greenery absorbs the heat from the sun, which increases the efficacy of the solar panels on top, ultimately supplying the fans with energy.


    10.) They can be quite breathtaking...

    I think this speaks for itself.


    Barrett Green Roofs:

    The Barrett Company has over 85 years of successful experience in the roofing and waterproofing industry. Combining our waterproofing expertise with the horticultural expertise of our partners, Barrett is able to offer Building Owners the exceptional Green Roof–Roofscapes® and our Green Roof Partner systems. The state-of-the-art waterproofing-landscape assemblies will provide a building owner with innumerable economic and environmental benefits.

    Barrett offers two time-proven waterproofing systems to form the basis for moisture protection in green roof assemblies. Each waterproofing system utilizes a reinforced fluid-applied rubberized asphalt membrane. The most critical element of any vegetated roof assembly is waterproofing. Without a long life watertight membrane the entire concept of green roofs benefits are undermined and cannot realize their potential.

    1. Ram Tough 250 Rubberized Asphalt Waterproofing Systems

    2. Black Pearl® Waterproofing System


    Additional Green Roof Products:

    • Black Pearl Waterproofing Membrane (BP•WM)
    • Black Pearl Primer•Adhesive (BP•PA)



    For more information, please visit Barrett's website at the link below: