• “Everyone involved in self-adhering air barrier membrane application has dealt with the decision to prime or not prime beforehand. Among the manufacturers of newer, self-adhering membranes on the market, a strong trend exists toward the claim “No Primer Required.”

    The claim is rooted in the idea that improved adhesive technology is making the membranes stick more aggressively and more tenaciously to substrates of all sorts, without the need for primer. Since this appears to save both labor and materials, a “no required priming” idea is an attractive proposition for owners, specifiers and applicators. Some manufacturers see this as an opportunity to gain an edge over competitors…”

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    Priming Self-Adhered Air Barrier Membranes
    By: Peter Barrett
    Masonry Magazine, Air Barriers and Insulation
    November 2013

    Read article here: http://masonrymagazine.com/features/1884-priming-self-adhered-air-barrier-membranes.html