• KEENE BUILDING PRODUCTS has received yet another patent. The DRAINAGE MAT Patent adds to a growing list of patents and pending applications for entangled net technology.

    “A drainage mat for use in building structures, particularly in exterior walls and roofing, to improve drainage and ventilation within such structures. The drainage mat includes a web of extruded polymer monofilaments that are heat welded at junctions to form a matrix of tangled monofilaments. The web has a uniform thickness and includes alternating rows of high filament density and low filament density.”


    Inventor: James R. Keene, Pepper Pike, OH (US)
    Assignee: Keene Building Products Co., Inc.,
    Mayfield Heights, OH (US)

    Patent No.: US 8,647,734 B2
    Date of Patent: Feb. 11, 2014

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