• Here is a home, in which Driwall Rainscreen 10mm was installed to help create an airspace for moisture to ventilate through the exterior walls. Go to the link below and you will see pictures of where it fits in the exterior wall during construction.

    “…airspace is hugely important. It allows the brick to absorb water then dry to the front or the back of the brick. Remember that brick is considered a "reservoir cladding," which means that it can soak up literally tens of gallons of water, then slowly release this moisture over time. The waterproofing behind the brick is of immense importance in our hot/humid Texas climate. Here's why: Our hot climate means we run the sprinkler system ALOT and our brick exterior walls might be getting soaked 2 to 4x per week year round at 4 AM when a homeowner's landscape gets watered…”

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    Best Practices: Methods for Installing Brick or Stone Veneer
    By: Matt Risinger
    March 6, 2013

    For full article please click here: http://www.finehomebuilding.com/item/28178/rock-masonry-veneer-best-practice-method

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