• Healthy Walls = Rainscreen & Ventilation Outline

    Methods of Wall Construction

    - Load bearing masonry

    - Barrier wall

    - Rainscreen or cavity wall


    - Moisture issues

    - Images of moisture damage

    Research and Codes

    - Studies on the need for rainscreen

    - Building Codes related to moisture management

    - Rainscreen statement

    - Codes including Rainscreen

    - BIA cavity wall recommendations and requirements

    Component of a Rainscreen System

    - Cladding types for rainscreen

    - Airspace requirements

    - Drainage plane, flashing, and drainage holes

    Rainscreen Systems

    - What to look for in a rainscreen product

    - Important characteristics of drainage mats

    - Manufactured stone installation instructions

    - Lap siding details

    - Fiber cement siding study

    Brick Cavity Walls

    - Main types of airspace

    - Brick cavities with insulation and airspace

    - Solutions to drain one inch cavity

    - What to look for in full wall drainage

    - ATI wall drainage test study

    - How to drain brick cavity walls


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